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Left: a water facility with a message. Taken yesterday in Templeogue. 

Via Green Ink, I have been introduced to the wonders of the Sociological Images blog. An odd name for a blog maybe but when you consider what the intention is, it becomes a little clearer. It is a collection of images, video and other printed material which seeks to present messages portrayed in this broadest interpretation of text. Hear them speak: 

“What with the kids these days being all media-saturated, a good image is often more effective for getting a point across than all the citations, repetition, or jumping up and down and saying “really I swear” can ever do. This blog is a space for us to share those really fantastic images.”

This blog is an idea by Lisa Wade and Gwen Sharpe but they have many contributory bloggers who also post material. With all of Blogger’s failings (tell me about it) they’ve created a blog with good interaction. Their enthusiasm for the project is evident from the number of daily posts, or perhaps reflective of the material available to them! I’m not going to parochially refer you to the posts tagged with Ireland – safe to say that YFG has a lot to answer for – so instead here’s one of my favourites which reminds me a lot of some Simpsons joke:
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  1. I’ve just been over and had a look at this – it’s a great site. Thanks for the tip!

  2. EM: Apparently Paris is a big fan too.

    J adamthwaite: no worries. Green Ink put me in touch with it. Spread the word.

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