7 thoughts on “Reasons why you’ll never find your Emergency Planning booklet in an emergency no.1

  1. You can order the collectors edition from government publications which has even more hints and tips on survival, including the location of a hidden bunker in the Wicklow mountains + as it is hardback edition, it’s perfect for stacking on the shelf.

  2. I did slag WO’D once or twice, does that cunt, sorry count? Freudian slip there.

  3. catch 22’s humour was far too similiar to the way I normally talk… annoyed the sh!t outta me sometimes.

    if it were half the length though.

  4. LeC: I’d be careful what I’d say here, Wee Willie is watching.

    GI: ditto

    b: must pick it up again, I am not sure I understood it the first time. Very funny book though.

  5. i understood it fine, what it done was highly admirable but that doesn’t make it hugely enjoyable.

    slaughterhouse five done the same kinda thing but better.

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