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It is K8 the GR8‘s idea but damn you Thriftcriminal for tagging me:

“Bring to your consciousness those memories of the things you’ve seen and the places you’ve been over the last twenty-four hours. Good. Now select a one-minute sequence of events and try to replay it over and over again in your mind.”

One minute in my life? Why there are so many memorable ones. If it had been extended to 48 hours then I might have recalled a conversation I had had with my therapist on Thursday. But you know, your loss.Anyway, this seems like grist to the mill for the terminally insecure (“over and over again”??).
So, I was in the constantly disappointing Alesya’s ‘bistro’ yesterday afternoon with Tasman in advance of a short photowalk around Dublin’s Liberties. Tasman’s a regular reader, this much I know, and like me, believes in the supreme power of the interweb.

Me: So I was tagged by this guy Thriftcriminal on the blog the other day
T: Oh yea? *chews toast and bacon
Me: you know like, some other blogger tags you and you are obliged to follow the instructions they give and then pass it to someone else
T: uhuh
Me: So, I am wondering whether or not I should respond because it said I should write a post recalling a conversation in the previous 48 hours. I mean, it’s a bit forced isn’t it?
T: yea
Me: So I’m thinking of not bothering, well like, tagging is the blogging of the bored….like when you have nothing else to say and you post for the sake of posting…But at the same time there’s kind of community obligation…
T: exactly *laughs
Me: that’s what I thought anyway…*trails off

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7 thoughts on “Tag shmag

  1. Ah, I can’t take credit for this, for t’was http://www.jeffersondavis.us/
    who originally thunk it up.

    I copied him with the conversation bit, but I’m sure you can be descriptive too, it’s all good.

    I wasn’t too clear with the instructions was I? I’m a sucker for breaking the rules.

  2. That Tasman chap doesn’t seem to say much but what he does say is incredibly incisive for such a hungry man

  3. Well, I don’t “know” him, but what I do know of his “type” I’d say he cuts a dashing figure and wields a sharp wit.

    Were I to “hazard a guess”, I would also suggest that he uses “quotation marks” and “apostrophes” only when appropriate.

  4. Rapier like wit I would say. As for dashing? Why, in all of Christendom there is not a finer exemplar of handsomeness.

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