Bizzaro post of the day

Of all the bizzare posts of the time since Bertie has announced his retirement, this must be the most bizzare:

ALL the cabinet ministers wept collectively when the Taoiseach announced his resignation to stunned colleagues, it emerged yesterday.

Are we supposed to believe that Michael Martin and Mary Coughlan fell into a tearful embrace across the Irish walnut table in Merrion St?? More here. Is it past April 1st already?


10 thoughts on “Bizzaro post of the day

  1. The Sunday Tribune had it that all but two of the Cabinet wept openly. Which two I wonder?

  2. I don’t believe that for a second hehe perhaps there was too much dust in the room or something…

  3. Green Ink: I believe the remaining two ran to the toilet and wept furtively.

    Thrift: the tension? – sexual or otherwise?

    Conortje: dust in the the room? what an aspersion to cast! How very bloody dare you.

  4. Sure but isn’t it moving? Does it not pull at your heart strings roughly to loose such a lovely, honest working, charming, intelligent front man.

    I’ve been bawling my eyes out for DAYS!

  5. if they all cried should we not be worried about having emotionally unstable people up there in those positions?

  6. I wouldn’t worry B, it’s been known for years. Any bunch of people who think that electronic voting and a centralised health service for 4 million people have other problems.

  7. I dont want electronic voting, the manual version is far more interesting to watch on television, remember the night of my grad mass last year after everyone got drunk they sat down and watched the election…. everyone meaning just me and the people that were almost unconscious.

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