Smug bastard

And he didn’t even apply via RecruitIreland.

UPDATE: just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, the Cowen-fluffy-fest continued over on

“Hi, I’m Brian and I’m here make your dreams come true.”



3 thoughts on “Smug bastard

  1. brian cowen is 48 years old?! he’s a right mess for that.

    wont be too good for international affairs imo, dunno bout anything else.

  2. I concur. When he was Minister for Foreign Affairs it had a very bad influence on our international image. The only thing he was useful for at that time was the trench-warfare in the North.
    On international level personality is 50% of success. That’s why Bertie got away with so much, because everyone abroad thought he was “such a nice guy… and so Irish”.
    Cowen has the charm and charisma of a coal shovel and that will cost us dearly.

    I should mention that I grew up in a diplomatic environment. And I do remember with great respect the man who was probably the best Foreign Minister we ever had (and the best Taoiseach we never had). His name is David Andrews, and he is now the head of the Irish Red Cross. I’m no FF supporter, but if all their TD’s were like Andrews (or Dermot Ahern) even I might consider voting for them.
    As things are now, with a crook and liar being replaced – without any democratic process – by a rude and fat little boy of 48, there is not a chance I will even look at them.

  3. Well Cowen and Andrews hail from the same secondary school. My only ray of hope is nepotism as I went there too. Don’t think it’ll do me any good tho 🙂

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