The other Treaty

The Government launched a white paper on The Lisbon Treaty yesterday. You know? The one that Bertie resigned about because they didn’t think they could carry it with given that he was a liability to his party? Well, in the press conference that Dermot Ahern had for it (there _were_ other news items you know!) he stated that 

“the Government is satisfied “Ireland’s capacity to safeguard its interests will not be materially affected” by the move to a double-majority arrangement due to come into effect in 2014.”

Read that again. Ireland’s capacity, right. Its capacity to safeguard its interests, right. Will not be materially affected. OK. So Ireland’s interests will not be materially affected. 
Wrong. Ireland’s capacity to safeguard its interests will not be affected. See what he did there? Not just not affected, not materially affected. In other words Dermot, the Government is confident that our own ability to look after ourselves and our interests is not affected by the Lisbon Treaty. 
So why do we need the treaty then exactly? 

2 thoughts on “The other Treaty

  1. We need the treaty because the poweres that be in Europe(including our own govt)decided during a summit in Spain last year that they never wanted to need to put anything to the people to decide again by referendum…this will be the last biggie which is why we should vote no.

  2. right now I am watching the language used to describe this in the mass media. Like the Libertas stuff, especially the Lucinda Creighton scowl at the top of Rathgar.

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