Bye bye Bertie, Bertie bye bye

G’luck Bertie, eleven years too late but sher ’twas grand havin’ ya ’round.

Anticipation does not begin to describe the political games I am looking forward to between now and May 7th.

I’m giddy with excitement.

Oh yea, and United for the Champions League.


4 thoughts on “Bye bye Bertie, Bertie bye bye

  1. okay I’ve been away a very long time but all I ever read in Irish blogs is complaints about politicians – so who should we be looking out for – who is someone worth supporting?

  2. Conor: well now *inhales: Dermot ahern Willie O’Dea, Brian Cowen, Mary Coughlan, Leo Varadkar, Mary Hanafin, Mary O’Rourke, Enda Kenny,….

    EM: frequently: usually on a Tuesday / Wednesday night from Sept to Nov and then again from Feb to May

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