Imagine this

Hi, my name is Peter. I’m a neurotic. 

Hi Peter.
I’ve been a neurotic now for about 16 years. 
That’s right.
I have made lots of people feel uncomfortable with my wandering, pointless blather. Sometimes, I’ve hogged conversations with interminable detail about myself…
…I’ve thought long and hard if the door on the house opposite me is going to open at any time, but only when I look at it. I think that my neighbours are watching me everytime I go outside. Sometimes, I even worry if the woman walking across the road in front of my bike is going to get there before the lights change, and even wince when she gets caught out. 
I knew I had to come here once I started to hurt my family and friends. It became so bad that I even started second guessing the end of conversations amongst groups of complete strangers. 
That’s OK Peter, you’re amongst friends here. 
My family said I was over thinking situations at every turn and got irrationally angry about items on the news. Then I knew I had to come here. 
And we’re glad you did. Yes, yes, we are. Thank you Peter.