Gadget lust

The new Asus Eee has just been featured on The Register. Here it is doing what Apple fanfared and for three times the price. English Mum can keep her tee shirts. I want one!

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3 thoughts on “Gadget lust

  1. I want one too. But the recent fire in LG’s battery plant in Korea (they supply Asus) will make it even harder to get hold of one when they are released in May.

  2. Holy moly. That’s pretty specific information there sliabh. Been lighting fires again 😉

    So much fuss about the macbook air and this has been slowly making waves among actual users, not those who aspire to owning one.

  3. To me it seems like a better machine to go for, because it is cheap as well as light. That is the killer thing people want. The MBA is just too bloody expensive, even when you allow for the fact that Apple’s stuff usually has a price premium.

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