I had had a grand Saturday morning visiting a friend and his wife. I had gone there to introduce them to an architect friend who I felt could help them with their proposed house extension. This architect, say Piet, is a good architect and has been a good friend over the years. After much measuring, walking around and cups of coffee we left to return to 73man mansions. Piet and I had lunch and he asked me if I would follow him into town on the bus to visit our mutual friend Naoimh. Sure, I thought, it’s a bit wet but Naoimh and a few friends had managed to get themselves a stall on Cow’s Lane, Dublin 2 to sell some of their photographs. I’ll always try and support people in new endeavours. I was self-employed too once. Despite it being one of the wettest Saturday afternoons in March on record, I agreed to meet him there, Piet being on his bike. 

Wet and cold, I took a bus to the stall, took a call from Piet who wondered where I was. I turned around and there he was: the sodden pair of ‘waterproofs’ I had lent him in his hands: “do you want these now?” he asked. Eh no. You can hold on to them and give them to me some other time. Piet turned on his heels and headed for home. 
Ummm, weren’t we meeting Naoimh and friends to wish them well in their new project in Cow’s Lane? I was wet, cold AND pissed off with the fact that I’d been dragged from my manor to join Piet in town who thought it best at this point to simply desert me. Ah well, that’s Piet, I thought. You should go and see Naoimh and her friends in Cow’s Lane market on Saturday for all your well-composed 

photographic needs. Here’s a pic of her and her co-owner who have called their collective Selleck, as in not Magnum:

I bought a picture from them too, their first sale. Good luck with it all. You’ll need it all because on a pissy wet Saturday in March browsing is not fun. 

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