Real life and being there

I read this morning that the BBC are working with NHK, the Japanese broadcaster to produce ultra high definition television for the 2012 Olympics – title is the link but come back y’all. This new technology is being worked on by the Japanese broadcasters and the BBC is “33 times more detailed than the best sets on the market.” According to the article:

The BBC plans to use the technology, named Super Hi-Vision by its Japanese makers, to screen coverage of the 2012 Olympics on big screens in city centres across Britain.

It goes on to state that

Sitting just three metres from a 450-inch screen, viewers often have an instant reaction to the picture. “Sometimes we suffer motion sickness,” says Masaru Kanazawa, research engineer on the SHV project. These large screens would not fit in most living rooms, but Kanazawa thinks they soon might.

Not only do I want motion sickness in my living room but I now commit to resizing my house to ensure that the only room I will occupy from 2012 will be large enough to accommodate this vision of hell. I want to see the blemishes on Sue Barker’s ears, no wait, I want to see Craig Doyle’s very soul.

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