‘Planning’ infrastructure

There’s a graphic on the front of today’s Irish Independent summarising delays in transport infrastructure in this State. Here it is –I know I shut down The Daily Male blog but do you think these delays have anything to do Departments not doing their job in the year to May 2007? Remember that month? We had an election. Talk about taking your eye off the ball of public infrastructure.


2 thoughts on “‘Planning’ infrastructure

  1. I can’t believe they don’t include the Mother of All Delayed Infrastructure Projects, the M50, which as we all know by now, is called as such because it won’t be fully finished until 2050.

    I first told that joke about five years ago but now I’m starting to actually believe it.

  2. But JL, when it’s finished, it will never work. You know that right? We can’t do these things here like the Luas, the Dublin port tunnel, motorways. Irish people just can’t use them.

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