Mixing JL’s assertion that his iPod is the best gadget he’s ever bought and Shane Hegarty’s reminder of the talks given at, I have discovered video on my iPod. This is a poor quality film of it working using my Nokia 6230i video camera.

Sorry about the quality. I had to resize it and there’s no sound so don’t turn up your speakers only to get that annoying windows sound blaring once your browser crashes. Youm ight just make out the washing machine in the background though.

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4 thoughts on “Convergence?

  1. Awww 73!!! I’ve had to retire my ipod because I can’t get it to lose the old songs and upload some new ones…I WISH I was better at these things…*sighs’

  2. I had really neglected it as an video screen until recently, and I only really went back to it because I was getting iPhone envy and then thought, actually I have a screen that I never use.

  3. Shane, I put some of those TED talks on to it and can be seen walking around town with my head glued to it. Antisocial? Moi?

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