Tis cheap up north

We took off early on Saturday and resolved to take the train to Newry. A few weeks back I had decided, after extensive research, that Jessops in the Buttercrane Centre, was the nearest place that offered the best value for my birthday present. Not only do I get the new camera that I have had my eye on for some time now but Ms 73man economises. I insisted on buying the train tickets. Getting to Connolly Station was a doddle and we were there at about 10.30am. Dublin actually seemed relatively sane that hour of the morning and you could almost believe that it worked, you know, as a city. Oh look, there’s the floor of the escalator up to the platform. Look, there’s the pedestrian crossing that you can use because you are not forced on to the road. (What is it with that pedestrian corridor from the quays / O’ Connell Street area to Connolly? It is almost as if no one ever ever uses it to get from A to B every single day of their commuting life.) 

The train to Newry was effortless really because that train line actually works – had us in a much colder Newry train station by 12.15. Guess what? There’s a free minibus from the station to the town? What a great idea, Irish Rail, connectivity! There was a certain guilty pleasure about taking the bag full of camera and assorted technical goodies from the ever-so-helpful shop assistant. He had given us the usual “oh yea, this is the one that I bought myself” speak, which, coming from a lad probably ten years younger, just sounded lame. 
So happy was I with my new camera that I managed to convince her on the way back that afternoon that manufacturers like Canon, Dell and Apple actually make their wares heavier to lend them a weight of substantial quality. I mean make the iPod 15 grams lighter and no one would want one. I was going to do an unboxing like this fucking nerd but then I thought, in the week of the Blog Awards, it would be just gratuitous. Instead I am planning the unboxing of a box of Cheerios on Thursday. Don’t miss it on my Flickr page. 
Speaking of the Awards, a friend asked me whether or not I felt like I had upped my game in recent weeks given the nomination. Jeez, if anything, it has made me even more neurotic about word position and sentence structure. The answer? Not at all. I’m not naming names but I think the quality of the writing on a lot of Irish blogs has risen in recent weeks. I have decided though to write more extensively under the Couch Sessions title. Not because I received praise for it but because I really enjoyed writing that post. As I said, 73man, is changing his blog. 
I’ll be the one holding the Spin to Win placard, a la, Winning Streak on Saturday night. I once met a guy who thought that Derek Mooney presented a programme for public exhibitionists, but that’s another story. 
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4 thoughts on “Tis cheap up north

  1. Now you see the nomination almost sent me into a corner never to write again hehe I had no pressure on me before… Looking forward to the Cheerios 🙂

  2. You’re so right. Living so close to the border I often pop up just to get me shopping (I’m such a tight arse). Yes, pressure is certainly an issue – I find I’m doing more foodie stuff seeing as I’m in the running for the Food and Wine award. My dad says my recipes are boring, though. Can’t win em all, eh?? x

  3. Thrift: I’ve been outdone.

    EM: I found out tonight that a colleague who lives in Straffan routinely goes to Newry for shopping for baby things.

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