7 thoughts on “Missed this Saturday

  1. I love it!

    The one at Grand Central Station was fabulous, I would love to be around when one happens, think of the fun you could have with a lit ciggie!

  2. Or talking on your phone, switching tracks on the ipod, scratching your head. Are they actors or just pre-prepared volunteers?

  3. I think they all sign up via a website, it’s a bit like ‘mobbing’ they get an email as to where and when, and just do it.

    I suppose some of them are actors, or drama students, they all look about that age, I haven’t seen many older people doing it, but then they would probably fall over, or seize up, or something.

    Ipod? Did you buy it then?

  4. Just read back over your last few posts, sorry missed ‘the purchase’ and I’m very pleased for you that you can now croon along to Mark King to your hearts content…by the way, I went to see Level 42 more than once when I was much younger than 42 and thought they were great… but then I also liked Micheal Jackson then too, so there is no accounting for taste!!

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