Amongst friends

Perhaps the democratically-elected Taoiseach of this country could be less patronising, insulting and dismissive in representing all of the people in this State the next time he opens his mouth on the subject of the Lisbon Treaty:

…between now and the referendum date, “there will be a whole lot of loo-las of every kind and shape drifting around this country following the same nonsense that they followed since 1972”. (Irish Times, Feb 21)

Speaking as he was at an event to launch a construction industry document, he clearly feels comfortable enough in this company to depart from the script and states that:

“all sensible political parties” were voting Yes but that “the loony left, led by a number of parties including Sinn Féin and Marxist-Leninist groups and the Socialist Party”, were all on the No side.

The leader of our government, a self-proclaimed socialist, continued that:

opponents of membership had forecast that, by voting Yes, “we will ruin ourselves and we’ll go under sea and that we’ll succeed in doing what St Patrick didn’t do by bringing the water all over Ireland, and every other nonsense”.

At least he’s not trivialising a political process that he claims to represent. This reminds me of the “silly aul pencils” speech he gave in October 2006 when he pillioried my right to vote in an election using a pencil rather than a 52 million euro computer that doesn’t work. At least men and women didn’t die to gain the right to hold a pencil and vote, otherwise he might be accused of being a demagogue.


2 thoughts on “Amongst friends

  1. I cannot believe the arrogance of the man, I mean does he really think that he is going to get to retire at 60 with honours?

    I just wish that the Tribunal had more credence, they are in themselves incompetant fools, trying to catch out another fool…just my opinion.

  2. The invitation to speak at the Houses of Congress certainly matter in his world.

    I’m looking forward to “going under sea..” when we reject the treaty later this year. FF are great at making their opponents seem totally daft.

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