Seeking advice

Am planning a move to a hosted service using my online moincker or my eoin name. Can anyone impart a good way to cheaply and efficiently avoid the .blogspot or .wordpress URL?

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  1. Find any reputable and cheap host that offers ftp access or offers one of the major blog softwares pre-installed e.g. wordpress. I use netfirms hosting in the USA (not local in the slightest but super reliable) they offer alot of sofware packages already on their servers and easy to configure.

    Alternatively if you go the ftp route you could
    e.g Download wordpress
    upload via ftp to your hosting account.
    you’re given some options such as the ability to install the blog software as the index page on your site. i.e. rather than visitors having to navigate to

    simple as pie really

  2. Grandad: thanks for the viral marketing 😉

    Markvader: thanks for some information on this one.

    Is It…? Right there with ya!

  3. I’d second Blacknight. They have a blog package thing that I used. Domain name and a one click install of WordPress afaik. Doesn’t cos the earth either.

  4. Thanks for the advice y’all. Will be coming back to you Grandad for some redesign a la English Mum if that’s OK?

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