You’re a Thstar!

I met up with a few friends of mine in the city tonight to go and see the Lumiere brothers’ short films of Dublin from 1897. They had erected a temporary screen at the Kylemore Cafe on O’Connell Street as part of the Dublin film festival. The screening only lasted about 10 minutes but the pints before it were definitely worth it. Missed Arsenal being thrown off the park by United though. 

Afterwards, myself and TasMan went to see if we could spot any ‘famous’ people going in for the charidee screening of There Will Be Blood up the road at the Savoy. We stood for a good ten minutes at the wrong side of the barrier while all these random punters were in jeans and jumpers getting to stare and point at Daniel Day-Lewis later. I turned to TasMan and said: “God, I feel worthless. I’m on that side and they’re on the other. Why is my life so full of woe when these people, TasMan, these people, get to walk the red carpet.” Then Barry McGuigan turned up and stood being interviewed and next to some 25 year old woman, who I am assuming was his daughter. I felt a whole lot better then. 
Did you feel shallow and worthless today? 
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2 thoughts on “You’re a Thstar!

  1. I felt fine until I read the list of films that I haven’t seen…I have only seen Educating Rita…cheers, now I feel like a palastine or philistine, whatever!

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