Data for January

In the current milieu (oooh) of self-congratulation for bloggers, here’s the data for 73man for the month of January. 

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10 thoughts on “Data for January

  1. QoC: good to have you on board. Showing off is part and parcel of being a good blogger I think: rant and speak and 25 listen.

  2. Ooh get you. Smartypants. I always read your blog. Even when I don’t know what the fuck you’re on about. That’s cos I lub you. (2 glasses in and intending on finishing the bottle, if you must know) x

  3. Drinking is a serious social evil, it contributes to domestic disharmony and is best avoided…..*yawn*….where’s my activated charcoal?

  4. What’s activated charcoal? Is it like one of those magic mop things that cleans red wine out of your carpet??

  5. Possibly one of the best and littlest known hangover cures known. More from

    I had some lager last night and after a late one, I got up this morning took two of these before leaving for work and fine now, just tired. Also it tends to mask alcohol from breathalysers and for someone with almost an hours commute this really matters the morning after.

  6. Sweet. Get me a bucketload. You can be my charcoal pusher heh. Oh, and I demand video evidence of the truffle shuffle. I’ll supply the chocolate x

  7. I remember charcoal biscuits being mentioned in ‘Brideshaead Revisited’ all those years ago…Sebastians, er friend, what was his name? Charles something, (God, I can’t still blame ‘baby brain’ after three years….) anyway, basically they were all on the piss every night as students do, and Chas was eating these things like sweets, to cram for exams.

    There, culture for you.

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