Should I be worried?

This poster is pasted on to the traffic control box on the corner of Terenure Place and Rathfarnham Road Lower. It says “MOHAMMAD Creating Fuss”. Now either this is a crrrrazy new band I haven’t heard of and ‘the kids’ totally like think it’s random or it is a worrying sign of anti-Muslim sentiment in the leafy suburbs of Dublin 6. 

This image I have seen before: during my now largely unremarkable university education I did a thesis on National Socialism and the influence that Max Weber’s socioogy had on its development. Fascinating. 
Several anti-Semitic pamphlets used to use the image above as the wily Jew about to create chaos in our ‘stable European democracies’ in the 1920s. I believe the image is originally Russian but to see the image in this context is kind of worrying. Anyone good at decorative Arabic translation? 

9 thoughts on “Should I be worried?

  1. See, you’re doing that thing when you talk about stuff that I don’t understand again. You did a thesis on WHAT???

  2. Errr, that is worrying. Not only is it anti Muslim, but designed to offend Muslims. Why the hell would anyone choose to do that? It’s rude and designed to provoke a community that (to my mind) is a comfortable and established part of Irish society? I’ve eaten in the mosque in Clonskeagh and bought food in the shop there many times, it’s a great spot and very welcoming. Why offend a section of society that has done no wrong?

  3. for some reason my last comment was deleted from my own blog!

    EM: you know? Max Weber? German scholar of the late 19th and early 20th centuries? The man who told us all that there are four types of rationality?

    Thrift: yup it is worrying. The fact that this can stay up for so long indicates to me that they are not a comfortable and established part of this society. Any tips for taking these clean off in one go?

    Conortje: and in Dublin 6? I mean this isn’t Kimmage where men got shot coming out the gym you know 😉

  4. Twenty: I’m sure it is because the synagogue is very low profile in this location. Do I think the best of people too much?

  5. Quite possibly, 73. They’re probably cranking them out on the printing presses down the back.

  6. 73: Er no. And I can’t deal with one type of rationality, let alone four. But still, it’s very scary. I have to say, though, I’m glad you didn’t take it down. You never know who’s about these days, and what their motives are. Tsk, I sound more like my mother all the time.

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