In the by now grand tradition of blogging, your correspondent has been ‘tagged’. This means that I get to compose a posting on something other than:

  1. how I feel betrayed, personally, by the Green Party
  2. why this Government is so very very bad at being a Government, and 
  3. the odd self-indulgent paean to good mental health. 
So here goes: “5 links to 5 of your previously written posts.”
Family – because each posting is merely a way of referencing ourselves
Friend – because despite all, he’s still around and a good laugh
Me – Christ, which one do I pick….
My love – she means so much to me
Anything – just about sums me up
5 others (or I’ll have bad luck for the rest of my life):
  • JL Pagano’s S and M
  • Disillusioned Lefty because a group blog for left-wingers is somewhere you’d imagine I’d go but never seem to
  • Elana Kehoe because she showed us how to Freecycle
  • Jesus this is tough…
  • Sweary ‘cos it ain’t going to happen, and 
  • Paleofuture – because I grew up at the tail end of a post-war boom that made most of us believe that technology was ideologically neutral, inevitable and free from consequences…hold on a second….that’s Apple!! 
Tagged. Just like this guy, who’s kind of sweet but one day he’ll be your bank manager:
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