These awards….

Until today I did not consider myself a real blogger. Then today I had a quick Facebook conversation with another blogger and she asked me were we going to meet up at the Irish Blog Awards 2008. Holy cow! Me at the Irish Blog Awards? I’m not even a blogger!! OK, I leave pseudonymous comments on blogs and seek the approbation of the big five…whoever they are this week…and I have a few dozen people reading this on a a regular basis. (More on that later.) But me? a blogger?

Then I thought, damn that’s the good thing about blogging. It is accessible to those with the talent / motivation / neurosis and a broadband connection. I blog regularly. I have learned to change the picture on my banner and can now also embed maps and video clips. Ummm. that makes me…a blogger. See you there, glass in hand. After a few nominations to justify coming of course. Now why Damien, did you not have a Best Mental Health related blog and I’d definitely turn up! You could even get it sponsored by Neurofen.

As for the relative infrequency of blogging of late here. I have committed to blogging only at home in 2008. Blogging at work became a real pain in the jacksie with all that work getting in the way. That, and the fact that Richard Delevan freaked me out after I dared to criticize his US election initiative (go get the link yourself!). And so, blogging is restricted to my lovely new refurb’ed 8 year old Dell running Ubuntu 7 – pictured below.

Jobs’ keynote tomorrow? No new sub-notebook.

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12 thoughts on “These awards….

  1. Sh*t! You might have told me that you weren’t a blogger. I wouldn’t have put you in my reader.

    Do I take you off, or are you now a blogger? Please clarify……..

  2. Bock: was going to mention that we might have a fight about something but Damien has already arranged for a sponsored provocation.

    Grandad: these blog posts were a dig out from close personal friends of mine, at a time when my marriage was in difficulty, sob, they were loans, with no tax implications.

  3. hehe well I’m glad you finally admitted it – it feels better getting if off your chest doesn’t it?

  4. I can honestly say that you are one of the people I’m looking forward to meeting in person on the night.

  5. Thanks Is It…? that’s very sweet.

    I’ve been a blogger now for about 16 months but I haven’t blogged for 3 days now.

  6. OOh…can we have a little ‘we all comment on each others’ blogs’ table? And drink champers? And dress up and stuff? Sorry. I don’t get out much. Do you have to be invited, or do you just roll up??

  7. That sounds delightful. Just turn up on the night. Sure what else would you be doing on March the 1st, eh Conor??

  8. But how will we recognise each other?! I might wander around on my own all night like Billy No Mates!

  9. From last year’s pictures it looks like we get name stickers. Hi my name is….my name is…my name is…73man!

  10. OOh, we could have the stickers on our backs and play that party game when we get to guess who we are. Oh no, hang on…

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