Littlesapling and Englishmum would be very happy with me. I took the day off work today and jaunted into the city centre to do all of the gift shopping in one go. Ms 73man and I have an agreement since we started seeing each other that we spend a set amount on each other on Christmas presents. This was mostly out of my poverty when we first met but now that the good times are back, we have stuck with it. I insisted, however, that this year we raise the threshold. To a whopping €30. This presents a number of challenges, the chief among these being having to use my imagination. A number of small inexpensive things seem better than one big thing worth €30 because that would be too easy (CD, DVD or some other soulless consumer item). I like this little arrangement though.

A Christmassy feeling welled up within me despite Dublin city Council’s paltry attempts to create a Christmas Market on Henry Street, Dublin. It was nice and quiet, at least until about 2pm and the shops did not feel so frantic. Quote of the shopping trip? Woman in Hodges Figgis on the phone to her friend / sister / mother: “Apparently the book doesn’t exist.” 

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4 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Wow you old Grinch you! have got Christmas spirit by the bucketful!!.That Christmas tree looks gorgeous! and I bet you’re loving looking at it now its up!.
    I actually think your christmas present arrangement with Mrs 73 sounds like the perfect arrangement.
    Every year my family and I spend a fortune on things we think we’d all like and every year we promise not to do it again when we’re the lucky recipient of yet another lovely cashmere throw we don’t want or need.
    Looks to me like you’ve got the right idead mister.

  2. The tree went up last weekend and then when we came home Saturday evening we plugged in the lights and they gave up! Ms 73man was good enough to replace them with lovely new ones.

  3. Grinch lol!!!!! Me and Isit will need to sit down – all this Christmas merriment and 73 all in the same sentence?? Unheard of. Fetch me a paper bag, I may hyperventilate he he.

    Seriously, gorgeous tree. Well done you and Ms 73 xxx

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