Brade Runna

This week, I have mostly been looking forward to:

The DVD (and limited cinema) release of Blade Runner – the final cut.

Behold: the mysteries of the 21st century trailer for a 20th century movie.

Witness: the strange ways in which movies conceived of the 1970s can be repackaged to look like Michael Bay movies.

Science fiction, in both literary and cinematic forms, is a much-derided art. Comic Book Guy in The Simpsons, Trek Fans at their conventions hardly help but Shane Hegarty led me to this link earlier in the week and to him, and Brian Appleyard, I am grateful for reminding me about a fiction genre that I can get my teeth into.

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5 thoughts on “Brade Runna

  1. Got sent Ian M Bank’s new novel, Matter, which is out in February. My tolerance for the nerdier elements – “Xennixyl, fifth Zephon of the Yarrglleroid sytem, in the fifth Hmpph of the Inner Sytem of XXufid” sort of stuff – isn’t very high, so I may struggle.

  2. Best avoided that shite. Best SF i have read this year? PD James’ Children of Men. Better than the film, as they say.

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