8am train to Maynooth

Do you know the way that Irish Rail‘s motto for the last five years has been “We’re Getting There”? And do you know the way that various incidents have come to light over that period which might lead one to question ‘where exactly’? Like the Sligo train breaking down mid-journey because of flooding; like freezing cold and over-crowded trains; like their inability to make effective use of a tunnel joining Heuston and Connolly stations? Well here’s another one of those things.

As things stand right now, there are 5 weekday trains departing Dublin Connolly station to Maynooth between 6.30am and 9.30am. 5 of these are commuter trains and one, the 8am train from Dublin, is the train to Sligo and stops at Maynooth at 8.22. As you might imagine, this is a heavily used train in the morning. You could, feasibly, leave your house in Drumcondra at 7.45 and and be at your desk 25km away at 8.30. That’s a good train service and with the college at one end of it, it would get you in good time for your lovely 9am lecture.

From mid-January, this train will no longer stop (or is no longer running to Sligo) at Maynooth leaving commuters with a train that takes twice as long from Connolly to Maynooth and will get you to Maynooth at (stay with me here) 7.48am or 9am. This will drive more people on to the over-burdened roads and lead to lower quality of life for beleaguered rail commuters.

Am I the only one to think this is a bit daft? Not at all. Neither does Eoin Murray and he has launched a campaign to get Irish Rail to ask them to reconsider. There was no visible public consultation on this and on one of the most successful commuter lines in the country, taking the fast service away mid-rush hour seems to make little sense. Can I ask you all who read this to sign the petition or e-mail Mr Barry Kenny at Irish Rail or by filling in the form here? The least you might do is link to this post on your own blog or email it on to friends. Thanks for your support.

p.s. this is my 200th post.


6 thoughts on “8am train to Maynooth

  1. johnny b: thanks and given that it is a music blog, I really appreciate it.

    BA: thanks for the encouragement. Good to get some feedback. Like most bloggers, I think my own self-worth is measured by how many or few comments I receive.

  2. Happy 200th post 73 😉
    It’s funny how the Dutch are always conmplaining about their train system when actually it is really very good – especially when compared to the Irish one.

  3. Conor: the Irish train system is like a badly written ‘blog. It is filled with starts and stops and has no connections.

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