The little restaurant that could

On the Saturday of our weekend in Copenhagen we took the metro to the other side of town to visit Christiania which is in the Christianhavn neighbourhood on the eastern side of the city. The commune was established in 1971 and forms a part of this neighbourhood. I’ll blog about this again but it is probably enough to say that it was strange coming out of the commune and realising what our lives could be were traffic and sustainable communities more prevalent.

Just before 12.30 we came across this small restaurant – pictured – called Chr4’s Kokken and while we walked past it initially thinking that there’d be some other place nearby, we were very glad we took the decision to take lunch just then.

The C4 restaurant (like D4 only without the pretentious wankers) was crowded but full of atmosphere. The woman who turned out to be the owner put us on a space away from the main table and near the open fire. We found out later, because of the speeches and the dressed up kids, that the main table was occupied by a wedding. This place was no more than 40 square metres in area and the atmosphere was electric. The owner carefully explained (in stunning English) what would be good to eat and drink – smorrebrod and aquavit accompanied by local beer as it happened – and served it with charm and a good deal of delight at ours. We polished off our lunch: portions of herring, beef, chicken, strong white cheese with aspic and beer was fantastic.

She proudly showed us the review her new restaurant had received in a local paper the second day before that and how the phones had not stopped hopping since the 3 out of 5 review. Had we been 5 minutes later we would not have had the opportunity to eat here – five more people came in directly after us and were refused. She then asked us “have you two minutes?” We got up and she took us into the room just off the main restaurant that was acting as her temporary office. The overwhelming smell of damp and the rubble all over the ground showed us what a wonderful job she had done to renovate this basement restaurant. I promised her I’d write about it when I got back to Dublin.

73man recommends: Chr4 Kokken owned by Annilil Petersen, Strandgade 14, 1401 Kobenhavn, Denmark. Great atmosphere, good food and lovely service.

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2 thoughts on “The little restaurant that could

  1. How lovely. You’re making me strangely desperate to go back. I’m threatening to take Hubby as he didn’t come with us last time. Oh, and did you go to the waxworks? It was resolutely crap but terribly clean x

  2. A crappy but clean waxworks is something we need in this country too. 😉

    Thanks EM. Sorry if I am being mean to you about your NI visit but sometimes people think it is another world where people get shot and bombs go off but it is just so close. I get kind of defensive about that. Nationalist, Unionist whatever, we are all people living on the same island.

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