wonderful sky in my side door mirror
Above: beautiful sky reflected this morning.

Copenhagen last weekend was, well, predictably expensive. The first beers we had cost us €18 for the two although we did find cheaper brews. I had great intentions of sampling the ‘many delights’ of the different beers on offer there but this was unmatched with my lack of intention in taking out a bank loan to pay for them. Christmas shopping was also on the cards and both English Mum and Littlesapling can both rest assured and spend the rest of this month safe in the knowledge that the Christmas spirit was partially imbued within me. In little pieces; every other day.

Copenhagen was wet and windy and cold, oh, and did I mention expensive? We spent a lot of our time trying to see as much of the city as possible (you know: furniture, the new opera house, Christiania) but also flitting between the raindrops and their own manic Christmas shoppers. Danish people (can I say particularly the women?) don’t do the whole ‘sorry, sorry’ thing when walking down the street and so we found ourselves trying in vain to catch their eyes before we bumped into another one of them.

We met a nice English barman in a bar called Sainkt Nikolai, near the main shopping district. We liked it so much that we retreated there when we could. The musician there one night was one of those US citizens who came to Europe after dropping out of college in 1985 and fell in love with a Pole (as in, someone from Poland) and spent the rest of time explaining to Europeans how he hates George Bush. Yes, you’re cool but not because you’re from the US! Chris behind the bar was full of chat and delighted to see us both each time. He took his time explaining to us the varieties of beer he had this Christmas, all sourced within 50km of the city.

On our last night, we dropped in for a final drink and on the way out he took out a piece of paper. Knowing we were living in Dublin, he wrote his email address on it and uttered the immortal words:

Do you know David McSavage? Yeh? Well, can you drop this e-mail address into his guitar case the next time you see him?

Yea, me and Dave are good buddies, especially after that time I slagged him off repeatedly for his recent Late Late Show performance. Chris was a nice guy and the beers he sold were good but talking to David McSavage?? That’s just pushing it.

Tomorrow: the best little Danish restaurant that could. Oh yea, and in Copenhagen? Danish pastries are called Vienna pastries.

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4 thoughts on “Coping-hagen

  1. Ah yes, it brings back all sorts of lovely memories. I was there with my Disreputable Dad, The Child Bride, and my offspring. My most favoured memory is a ride on the barge (it was spring) to see the Little Mermaid, before which we purchased a couple of bags of cherries. During the boat ride, my Dad said ‘hang on, those cherries just cost me £20!!!’. Happy days.

  2. Did you notice how all the pedestrians wait so obediently at the red lights to cross – even if there isn’t a car to be seen for miles. Very funny.

  3. Yea a little bit of that Conor, alright but most people were content to wait the short amount of time for the lights to change. Unlike here where you get exactly 3.8 seconds to cross a main street.

    EM: oh to be in Copenhagen in spring.

  4. 73…my sister lives in Denmark (married to a Danish guy) in a town called Vejle…southern Jutland and I love the way they do Christmas there..have nicked lots of Danish traditions …glad you love Copenhagen..its a gorgeous place.

    @ conortje..they do! its so funny.Even if the road is completely empty, Danes will not cross and think I’m nuts when I do.

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