Got back from Denmark last evening and returned to a colder than usual house. Heating went straight on having taken a needless flight to Copenhagen from Dublin. That’s my carbon footprint busted for the year then. Hold on, there are only three weeks left in 2007….

Copenhagen is a lovely city and will post about it more extensively in the coming days (you didn’t think you were getting away that easily now did you?) but a couple of quick points about the differences between Dublin and Copenhagen:

they don’t talk about world class public transport, they just build it
cycling is a valid form of getting yourself and your family from A to B in Copenhagen, not the choice of the poor or mad
Christmas beer is a good way for Danish breweries to sell more beer in December but at €8 a pint it seems a little overpriced

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2 thoughts on “Legolandia

  1. Wehay! Welcome back! Bet you’ll need to empty the ol’ piggy bank after a few days in Extortionateland. Returned with any Christmas spirit eh? eh?

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