Did Prime Time shop Katy?

I know he has admitted to a cocaine problem in the past but perhaps Gavin Lambe-Murphy was on Prime Time last night because they wanted to legitimise their reasons for announcing that Katy French was in hospital ‘cos she allegedly snorted bad coke? Was this intentional? Does the family know they’ve done this? Is it right? 

Meanwhile they continue to use her illness as a source of ‘entetainment news’. No great supporter of Katy French but this is not very kind. Honestly I don’t really care about daily updates to her condition but why is RTE asking the HSE for comment on this issue? 
Note the difference between the approaches taken to Kevin Doyle’s death and French’s illness. You know there’s no class in Ireland right? 
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29 thoughts on “Did Prime Time shop Katy?

  1. With all due respect to her, Ms French is a media whore who makes her living by courting attention from the press. When you decide to take that sort of career path and live your life in the public eye you surrender much of you rights to privacy and anonymity. It’s a faustian pact.

    It’s like the McCann family complaining about media intrusion when they ceased to be tabloid darlings. They courted the media when it suited them. Once you invite the media to make you a “celebrity” you don’t get to decide what sotries about you they get to cover.

  2. Sliabh: point taken but the French’s own attempts to keep this under wraps have clearly back fired on a P-list celebrity with no integrity and self-respect.

    don’t agree though that everyone who puts themselves ‘out there’ is fair game in every aspect of their lives, e.g. I don’t need to see Britney’s box when she leaves a car.

  3. We discussed this very thing over dinner last night (aren’t we posh). We thought the Waterford police chief who told reporters that ‘a young man has lost his life here, let the family grieve. How he died is for another day’ spoke the truth. Someone’s son, someone’s daughter.

  4. 73 there I was wondering why I was the only one to pick up on the Kevin Doyle/Katy French issue. I had a rant which can be summarised as cyncialmediamoneygrabbingscum or somesuch

  5. Vapid, shallow attention-junkie : probably.

    Creation of O Reilly’s ruthless, idiot toadies: yes.

    Someone’s daughter: certainly.

    O Reilly’s apes carry some share of the blame, as do the RTE drones who think Ireland is Montrose.

    Sliabh: Katy French’s parents didn’t court the media. You’re being very hard on them.

  6. EM: yes indeed.

    Bock: if there is blame to be shared out then those two certainly do warrant some but if it is due to coke, then each of us makes our own decisions about what we put up our nose.

  7. I would not be her biggest fan but I think judgement should be reserved until we know what the cause of the illness is. It could have absolutely nothing to do with drugs!

  8. 73man: Certainly. That’s why I said “a share of the blame” for helping this poor girl to become delusional.

    (And not only blame, but responsibility too).

  9. To the idiots slagging off Katy French. Have a bit of respect for the dead. Regardless of the way she has died its still the loss of a gorgeous young woman in her prime.
    Im assuming the people dont know the extent of the cocaine problem in Ireland(if thats wat evidently killed Katy).Maybe some good will come out of this tragedy and some peoplw will say no.
    I have my doubts

  10. “Have a bit of respect for the dead.” is nonesense. I would rather go with what Voltaire said: “To the living we owe respect, but to the dead we owe only the truth.”

  11. This whole situation stinks to high heaven. She will be immortalized now, a tragedy to lose someone so beautiful and ‘in her prime’. There is absolutely no difference between her and that young kid who died there a while back. Two people, who died by the sword of the lifestyle choice they made. I for one hope that the truth comes out, in full and very publicly. Here in Ireland we need to wake up and really see what is going on, this country is rotting from within and we just choose not to see it as long as we can remortgage the house and drive around in the 4×4. Ireland has become so hedonistic and self indulgent you’d wish the country would just sink and put us all out of our misery. So goodbye to Katy, your a silly girl. I do feel bad for th parents though, but we’ll have to see how they deal with the media frenzy now. I’m sure the couple of quid will only go to helping them move on and up!

  12. I am not surprised you stayed annotmous, what a disgusting and inappropraite view of the tragic situation. The proor girl has passed away, her family and friends are devastated-regardless of how she died, she did no harm to anyone but herself when alive and should only be remember for good. What is the point in being horrible about her now she is dead-that is cruel and selfish

  13. Laura, thousands of people die young every day from drugs and other nasty reasons. All their lives are wasted. But what is “disgusting and inappropraite” is how a woman who’s job description is “socialite” and has made absolutly no contribution to society is getting such huge media coverage.

    One of the problems of Irish society is a focus on such vapid “celebrities” to the detriment of real issues and news.

  14. I agree with Laura, how cruel some people are and the sheer lack of any sensitivity to Katy, her family and friends. And to Sliabh ‘Katy made no contribution to society’ – where have you been the last few months?? Katy has done a lot of charity work with Goal and Crumlin hospital for sick children to name but a few. She used her profile in a lot of good ways.. I always wonder about the ones ‘who throw the first stone’ may she rest in peace.

  15. My God, but there are some nasty people in this small country of ours!!
    Here are the facts:
    Katy French was a stunningly attractive lady who pursued a modelling career. She cleverly grabbed the attention of the media with her restaurant stunt and rocketed her career into overdrive. Clever Lady. She was funny, intelligent, good company, knew how to work a room and had the Irish Media like putty in her hands – not easily achieveable ask Steve Staunton, Sinead O’Connor or Kieron Fallon. She worked tirelessly with Crumlin Childrens Hospital, Goal and other charities. She was a caring, loving person who was a real old style character. Then having secured massive recent TV (Go Wild) and radio time, bang shes gone. Why? Nobody knows yet. May she rest in peace, and may her family draw strength from all the people who’s lives she crossed and were blessed to have known her.

  16. I heard Gavin Lambe Murphy on Liveline today. If you want to talk about a media whore you need look no further than him. The way he used his connections with someone who’d just died to promote himself was deplorable.

    Equally deplorable is that I’ve noticed on my blog statistics today that people are googling ‘Katy French cocaine jokes’.

  17. Surely Katy French had other attributes beyond her being a ‘gorgeous young woman’ and a ‘stunningly attractive lady’ which is how her supporters have chosen to remember her. It is sad that she should have died at such a young age, and I sympathise with her family for their troubles.

    But it is wrong to blot out her faults, allowing nothing to be learned from her death. If she did die from a cocaine/drug overdose (of course, we have no idea yet), then her death, along with the other case of the young man recently, can be taken as a challenge to our attitude to drugs in Ireland today.

    Katy French was a high profile figure after all, so we are entitled to discuss her exploits. Besides learning from her charitable work, her sudden death should teach us something too.

  18. I think any drug related death of a young person is a sad and tragic waste of life, however, Katy French only recently outed her own use of cocaine and said she no longer touched drugs which appears at the moment to be untrue. Every person regardless of class, is responsible for what they ingest and as an adult should be aware of the risks and not just the benefits. The young lad who died in waterford a few days ago didnt receive 1/4 of the media coverage of this young girl. Each tragedy of this nature should warrant the same level of investigation by the guards regardless of who you are and where you’re from and God help the poor parents of these people, its them I feel for.

  19. The person who said the Sindo has a lot to answer for here has it spot on – a former fat friend of Katie’s is trying to get out of his role in starting her weekend long pooder binge by claiming he was not in Meath when she collasped – he may not have been but people should ask what gift he got her on Thursday night?

  20. The poor girl was a victim of her success. Liveline got good value out of her on yesterdays show – all in the name of public interest i suppose bet it did ratings no harm.

  21. Katie French…..

    You know, when I heard the news I was saddened, truly.

    I bet her “friends” aka Andrea Roche, Rosanna Davidson, Glenda Gilson (Ireland’s top models my hole!!!) will be in hiding over the next few weeks…..

    Yah, she was a “victim of the press” but she was let down very badly by those she admired and wanted to be like…..

    I couldn’t give a fuck about those D4 wannabees now…. I never did to be honest… they should be ashamed of their lives…

    No doubt, the whole of Assets will be bawling at her graveside…..

    At least the bunnies of the Playboy Mansion know what they are!

    I’m disgusted. Gavin….? Fuck off! Glenda? Fuck off!! Roseanna? Fuck off!!

  22. Well Im afraid when you live by the sword you die by the sword. Im mean she’s dead… she wont get up and walk around anymore and she will be immortalised by the media. Her death is tantamount really to the fact that the dark unbelly of irish society has is spreading, and starting to take over the beast. Its no longer content lurking in the shadows, it believes its got a viable opportunity to dominate..

  23. The S Indo deserve alot of the blame for this. She is the third S Indo star to die tragically (V. Guerin, J P Bowman )

    Even today the S Indo are using the death to take a swipe at its biggest competitor the Irish Mail on Sunday. Just look at the front page where they attach one of the articles in the Mail. Their weekly Bertie heading has had to downsize to the bottom of the page. Never a big fan of Katy myself, but she has paid a high price for her mistake. RIP

  24. in all fairness fuck her the stupid bitch, she was so innocent my arse
    she knew the risks and paid for it in spades……..why did she fail her driving test?
    cos she kept going over the white lines lol

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