Never ones to take advantage of someone else’s misfortune, RTE reported Katy French’s sudden illness like this on their website this morning:

As she lies in hospital, we can watch her being all vulnerable about parties and stuff.

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12 thoughts on “SchadenKaty

  1. Whoever decides on the tags for their categories (in fact for the whole news site redesign) should be renamed Mohammed and sent to Sudan.

  2. The bloody hacks camped outside Navan Hospital are really annoying me. Why don’t they bugger off – what do they think they’re going to achieve, a quick photo op while she’s in the ITU? The poor girl may be a celeb but at the moment she’s just somebody’s daughter who is very unwell. Tossers.

  3. A slip of the tongue or what?…On Primetime’s show about Cocaine abuse in Ireland the presenter said at the end “our thoughts go out to the families of Kevin Doyle, John Grey and Katy French.”
    Putting her in the same sentence implies she’s in hospital due to cocaine problems too. IMO.

  4. Con – neither did I – as far as I can gather (73, correct me if I’m wrong), she’s a kind of Paris Hilton without the rich parents – famous for going to parties. Oh, she’s a model too.

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