It is happening again…it is happening again…

Can someone tell me where this sample at the end of DJ Shadow’s superb Endtroducing comes from?

On a far less serious note, it would appear that the Establishment have begun to crank up the pressure on the upcoming referendum on the EU Reform Treaty. Only this morning, Commissioner and former Minister for Screwing Up the Spatial Strategy, Charles McCreevy warned

against using the referendum on the Constitutional Treaty due to take place next year as an opportunity to give the Government a mid-term “kick in the backside”….The referendum was “not a time for self-indulgence, for putting the two fingers up at a Member State government or at the EU institutions”, Mr McCreevy said.

This comes after several warning shots in recent weeks by the Denizens of Europe, Peter Sutherland, Alan Dukes, Bertie Ahern. All we need now is IBEC to row in with some contribution which contains the phrase “narrow self-interest” and we’ll be well set for a new year’s ‘debate’ about this document we will be asked to accept or reject in the first half of next year. Why can this bunch of eurocrats not just allow the people to decide for themselves? Are we incapable of understanding the minutiae of the Treaty? We clearly have reservations about the way Europe is going but this is already being constructed as a pitched battle between those of us ‘moving forward’ into a shiny bright new Europe (cue to invoke Schumann) and the bunch of hairy doom-merchants who hate Europe and want to hold ‘us’ back.

Remember this though: the first time you hear our Taoiseach (whoever that may be) using words like ‘nay-sayers’ you know they’re frightened. You heard it here first folks.

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6 thoughts on “It is happening again…it is happening again…

  1. Twin Peaks, series 2, episode 7. The Giant appears to Agent Cooper and says these lines as, elsewhere, Laura Palmer’s killer is killing her cousin Maddy.

    What a great show.

  2. Ahh yes, that’s the song that has the sample in it. Thanks! And yes, Ryan is correct.

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