Language use in blogs II

Very quickly, what I have learned about blogging (because that to me is what this is about) from my discussions with Bock and Twenty and a few others on this matter of ‘responsible blogging’. Using the phrase ‘Islamic savages’, to me, constitutes an irresponsible use of the word savage which has meaning in particular historical contexts. As bloggers, I think we have a responsibility to use the words we have in a respectful way. We chose to ‘blog, we have the means by which to do it and from this arises a responsibility to use the words we have carefully. Shouting fire! at each occasion of outrage becomes tiring, as I have learned when increasingly frustrated by the stupidity, negligence and downright buffoonery of this current Government. If I blogged every day about how poor this Government really is, I might go from 40 readers a day (yes, that’s 40) to about 4.

I have a car that can go fast and recently I have been struck by what a privilege it is to be able to merely turn the key and move myself quickly and effortlessly. When I put my foot down going from the N4 to the M4 just after the Lucan Spa hotel, that is a privilege. That privilege carries responsibilities: to drive carefully so as not to hurt myself or others and to not put others in danger. Others disagree and they tend to be the ones who flash their lights behind me when I am in the overtaking lane and about to move back into the left lane.

Not going to labour this one anymore. Have a good weekend ya’ll. Remember 1, look for a safe place. 2 Don’t hurry……