The Saw Doctors for Dubs

Last night’s gig at Vicar Street was a wee bit wild but good fun. I have never seen Damien Dempsey perform before and was not aware what kind of an audience he usually gets. He is a talented guy without a doubt and the consensus amongst the crowd was that this was better than the gig in the same venue the night before. Dempsey is from Donaghmede in Dublin and has a loyal following from that side of the city and from close by and for some reason predominantly male. It reminded me of the time I was dragged kicking and screaming to Aslan about 10 years ago. What is evident from his lyrics is the way he can confront his own emotional state through the songs and is able to make a connection with many of the men present in this way. I got the feeling that this might be a good way for men to express these emotions in this context but I wasn’t one of them. The lads directly behind me were sent home sweating and were in great spirits. The phrase ‘salt of the earth’ might have been used too many time but it was heartfelt.

The fight just before the encore did not help things. I was on the right hand side at the back and Ms 73man had moved away earlier because of the general rambunctiousness of some yout directly in front of her. Dempsey sang ‘Colony’ and the lyrics were spoken back to him verbatim by the yout in front. Good to know that people younger than me can be concerned with the effects of colonialism on the human spirit. That is until I saw one of the fight’s protagonists standing in the middle of the clearing that formed as soon as the first few punches were thrown. He stood there both fists ready and eyes wide open mouthing the lyrics to himself and I think the deleterious effects of colonialism were perhaps the furthest things from his mind. Never mind that the venue’s security was late coming to it or that no one really made any attempt to stop it. It left a bad feeling in my mouth for almost being punched there.

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2 thoughts on “The Saw Doctors for Dubs

  1. Good grief – I’ve been to hundreds of gigs (mostly outside Ireland) and never once seen anything like that. I saw Damien support Sinead O’Connor in Utrecht a few years back. It remains my favouritre concert to date (the Sinead bit, although I do like Damo too).

  2. As I joked with a friend of mine after the gig: that’s the working class Irish, you just can’t trust them. He was fuming until he realised the concept of irony is alive and well and mostly resident in Terenure.

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