Unfortunate online cognomina

Littlesapling has asked me why 73man. Here’s the story: when I first left a comment on Blogorrah late last year I commented under the name Iceman. Don’t ask me why but the Ryan Corporation got it wrong when they linked me with Tom Cruise’s nemesis in Top Gun. For me Iceman was part of a trio of cartoon superheroes (am open to correction here Shane) that I watched when I was young enough to enjoy it but old enough that I thought of them as guilty pleasures. Because my younger brother was watching a lot of cartoons at the same (5 years younger), I also got some thrill out of prolonging my cartoon-watching years until I was about 12.

Anyways….as Mica might say….I started leaving comments as Iceman simply because it was one of the first things to come to my head when I left my first comment. Emma Jane is still in therapy because of this fateful decision. Remember her? I was actually signed in as kimmagered because I was living there (Kimmage is a Dublin suburb) at the time and I consider myself more left than right. Online monickers are odd because what starts off as convenient and a flippant decision ends up being really important for one’s identity. When I put together my own blog I registered with blogger as 73man – as a proxy for all my other Google activity and to keep my actual identity clear of online activity. I remember blogging earlier about anonymity because after my own Facebook experience I came across a few of my ‘blog readers and their real names. This week, I teamed up with The Swiss Job and emailed him and now know his real name too. It doesn’t really matter if I know it, he’s not my best friend, just an Irish scientist living in Zurich.

Me? I am a 34 year old (hence 73man) man from who grew up in Cork and has spent the last 20 odd years living in Dublin – something about this move ensured a good long period of denial and several dozen sessions on the couch – ouch! My name is Eoin O’Mahony and I am a social researcher by training and currently working in the not for profit sector in Co Kildare. I am politically left and hence always right. I don’t blog about my family, my work or car design. Everything else is fair game.

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3 thoughts on “Unfortunate online cognomina

  1. Pleased to meet you Eoin 🙂 I’ve already disclosed more than anybody would ever want to know about my identity on my blog. So would you consider yourself a Corkman or a Dublinman?

  2. Thanks for that 73…Gosh I remember the good old days of Blogorrah…Iceman and I often shared similar opinions…funny that.

  3. Conortje: now there’s a question. Will need a few more sessions on the couch for that one. In my job people ask me this a lot: I say a Cork man but that’s very recent.

    Is it…?: Don’t know what you are talking about. Who is this Iceman? What’s a Blogorrah??

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