Harney must go

Captions please

I caught the end of the 9 o’clock bulletin on RTE One tonight: Mary Harney, Minister for Health, says that she only found out about the other 97 women who were not told directly they might have breast cancer (they were told earlier they did not) when it was announced by an Oireachtas committee this afternoon. That’s alright then Mary, as long as you are taking responsi…wait a minute…..!! 
This is an issue for all women and their families but clearly Mary does not understand this. This is about trust and integrity and accountability but Mary clearly does not understand that either. 

So when exactly does Bertie come out of his Tribunal bunker and fire her ass?

4 thoughts on “Harney must go

  1. You might be surprised to receive a comment to this entry after a time of two months, but I only read it a few minutes ago, having found it by chance in Google while looking news on Mary Harney.

    I agree with you, and she should have departed from the Cabinet long ago. But there is the problem: She won’t resign and will cling on as long as possible, knowing that she will never have it so good. And her long-time master and sponsor Bertie will not dare sacking her, as they have both too many political skeletons in their cupboards. The PDs as a party are as good as dead, but still Mary Harney is in charge of one of the most important departments. Why? Because no one else wants the job.
    We are really a republic without bananas (but they might come well in the future if global warming continues).

  2. Yes and here we are two months later and she still clings on. Thanks for your comment, at any time.

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