Dear Mr Ballmer

I have tolerated about 15 years of your inferior operating systems but the time has come to say enough is enough. I am currently running an Intel Pentium 4 system from Dell at work running your dreadfully slow Windows 2000 product. I am using this system because it was here before me, it is a legacy system, the by-product of a bad decision taken by my employers long before I got here. This morning it took me 12 minutes between pushing the ‘on’ button on the front of this machine to the time where I could feasibly approach clicking the Start button to crank up another application.

It is not the time it takes. Frankly whether it is 2 minutes or 12 minutes is entirely irrelevant. My problem is with the deterioration over time of the operation of the OS you like to call Windows. When I started my job about 15 months ago this little PC-that-could would allow me to start my highly productive day in about 5 minutes. I have installed a few new applications in the interim but why is there a deterioration in the quality of the experience over time? Over the last 15 years I firmly believed that running the disk defragmenter would help me and other users. But no: “this volume does not need defragmenting”. I don’t know what this means. I do not want to know what this means. I want a computer that does not need to be bent back into shape every couple of weeks. My car needs routine maintenance because it has lots of moving parts that clank and clunk along using fire, oil and air. My PC needs routine maintenance because?

Please can I have a computer operating system that just works when I ask it to? I don’t want scrolling windows, the preview of an open file in the taskbar or a file system that relies on a frankly patronising locations (why do I need to see C:\Inetpub\iissamples\homepage\themes?). I just want a system that will allow me to open files when I want them, run the operations I ask it to and occasionally view the odd streaming video. My PC is not a person, it is a tool. I am the person and I do not want a personal experience with a heap of soldered circuits and fans.

Yours sincerely

Seventy Threeman

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