The possibilities are….significant

You may have heard on this morning’s Dublin-centric radio traffic reports that there was a crash on the inbound section of the M4 in the vicinity of Maynooth and Leixlip. There was but I am happy to report that this correspondent (lovin’ in) was not stuck in it on the way to work. As I approached the river crossing point between Dublin and Kildare on the outbound section of the motorway, the vehicles ahead of me began to slow significantly and although the visibility was poor, I could determine that there is no reason why traffic might slow down from 90kmh to 50kmh in the space of a few car lengths. Then I came upon it – the accident on the inbound carriageway. (Remember that I am outbound.) As I passed the accident I noticed that one of the Garda cars had its roof lights on. OK….now it makes sense. Skull on the outbound route slowed down significantly because skull saw flashing blue lights ahead. That’s right: because the mere presence of a Garda car means that skull must suddenly slow from 90 to 50 in a 120 kmh zone.

On another note, I caught Michael Martin at the end of RTE’s Morning Ireland (daft name, as if we were all collectively greeting ourselves over the garden wall) and he was talking about the possibilities for Irish companies in the run up to the 2012 Olympics in London. I did not learn very much from the interview with the good Minister only that the possibilities are “significant” which is a little like saying that they are purple in colour. When asked at the end of the interview (he used to be minister for sickness you see) about the rating of hospitals in his constituency in the most recent HIQA survey, he firstly claimed credit for setting it up and then went on to laud his own government for putting in place the procedures, structures and contexts for the collection of this type of information. To paraphrase Teresa Graham on last night’s Primetime (ok, I listen to RTE too much!) these are all in place but when does the work of cleaning our hospitals actually get done? We have all the structures and systems in place. Can we just get on with the job now please?

Go on then, cheer yourself up:

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