Hollow evening

I have great memories of Hallowe’en in Cork where I grew up.Because June 23rd was bonfire night (quite frankly, how else would you celebrate mid-summer?), October 31st was all about the spooky spirits, dark evenings and knocking on neighbours’ doors and being greeted warmly. Childhood memories can play tricks all the same. 

There was no such thing as ‘trick or treat’ either. I remember being shocked to hear kids in Dublin use this when they called on fully suspecting neighbours’ houses. Before this, I had probably last heard it on Scooby Doo. Tricks? Treats? Tricks were what magicians did. Treats were what the Famous Five got after discovering the local butcher stealing the Parson’s takings. (I swear: stealing the Parson’s takings does not appear in the Profanisaurus…but probably should.) 
Not a single child called to the door of this house last night. Not one. I wasn’t home until about 6.30 and I know the doorbell wasn’t working but it is pretty sad to realise that this area is so bereft of children that Hallowe’en’s highlight is a burning wheelie bin in the laneway. Ms 73man spotted it from the study’s window. I say study but it is actually a second bedroom where all the washing gets dumped only to be cleared up every six weeks or so. Recently it has been a study – computer, books, notepad. I went to see where the flames were coming from and then returned to dial 999. I had little hesitation doing this – there was no way a few buckets of water could have put out the blazing inferno (see Tuesday’s post) at the side of the house. 
They were here within 10 minutes – calm as you like and philosophical about the rest of the night ahead. During the call I mentioned the words laneway, wheelie bin, more importantly Terenure. I wish I had my camera because despite the small scale of the incident, the combination of smoke, street lights and water made for some dramatic sights. Instead you are stuck with these: 

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3 thoughts on “Hollow evening

  1. Little f*ckers. Round here they took to driving down the road and hurling lit fireworks into gardens as they went. Would have sold a kidney for a stinger.

  2. Indeed. I can’t work out how it’s supposedly illegal to have fireworks here and yet more people had firework displays here than on any November 5th in the UK. Weird.

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