Ubuntu rocks

Taking a leaf from Tom Raftery’s posting on Ubuntu 7.1, I came across the following to help you get over the leap from Windows to Linux – and it is the older version of Ubuntu as well. I like Ubuntu a lot; so much so that I am going to get it installed on my new computer at work and when I do eventually give up my iMac at home, I am going to make the switch at home too. I’ll end up dual booting at work of course but, hey: linux boot loaders manage that too.

Got to like this home made evangelisation video from Vermont – if only for the music:

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4 thoughts on “Ubuntu rocks

  1. ok, Ubuntu is an operating system like Windows is. It is far superior and I like it. I make more than bread you know!

  2. Ohhhhhh right. It’s astonishing how many times I can read an entire post of yours and not understand a single word. Yep, you’re not just a pretty bread-making face. lol.

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