New look

I have been thinking recently that a move to another ‘blog provider’ is on the cards. I am tired of the clunky look and feel of Blogger’s templates and how you cannot resize text on the left or right of the main text to make it less prominent. I am not going to tinker with HTML but will be happy to receive tips on how to do so. Considering a search for the phrase ‘moving from blogger to wordpress’, it got me this far. I might still go for the move but the allure of a total Google world is sometimes too much. In the meantime, I changed templates which explains the cleaner look. Enjoy.

Update: via Mulley – reasons not to support People in Need. Let’s not curse the darkness but she has a point. Surely rights are more important than handouts?

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One thought on “New look

  1. Like the new look. Trust me, WordPress is just as bad, just different reasons. You can’t resize pics at all (you have to photoshop them to the correct size first so unless you’re very clever they’re all different sizes) and even changing text style is impossible. Mind you, I don’t HTML either.

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