Sad day for Ireland

Today is a sad day because as the Irish Times reports:

Up to the end of September this year, 1,059,382 US military personnel, on 8,698 flights, had used the midwest airport since the start of “Operation Iraqi Freedom” 4 and a half years ago.

Figures released by the Shannon Airport Authority have confirmed that since March 20th 2003 an average of 640 troops on five flights every day have stopped off at Shannon on their way to Iraq and to other US military bases in the Arabian Gulf.

For shame Bertie, for shame.


6 thoughts on “Sad day for Ireland

  1. I don’t understand what all this fuss is about. The flights are legal and not out of the ordinary for a neutral country to accomodate – an extreme example is Sweden (a coutry with an impecable record for neutrality) allowing German soldiers to transit to and from occupied Norway across their territory during WW2.

    There wasn’t any of this moaning and wailing when the Soviet military was using Shannon back in the 80s.

  2. And none of that was right either. Merely bringing up other examples does not negate my simple point: an unjust and degrading war has been facilitated by this and the last Government, against the wishes of a majority of the population.

  3. I would be inclined to say the majority of the population don’t care. If they did then something might have been done.

  4. No idea. But I know that come the last election when people had an opportunity to do something about it if they wanted and pretty much no-one had it as an election issue.

  5. Sliabh, we all have a vote. I know what I used mine for. your last comment wreaks of apathy and cynicism.

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