Having and being

I was at a conference yesterday. Someone gave a paper on the illogicality of market economies and their unsustainability for people of the developing world. The person who gave the paper used the phrase “moving away from having and toward being”. It really appealed to me and so on the cycle home from the conference I was thinking about desire and motivation. Because it is always about me.

A little like the iPod posting a few weeks back, if I see a product in the market place and I want it, I have a desire toward it. I want to possess the object and I have a an orientation to have and consume the object. No better of an object of desire than an iPod. Last weekend I was in Anseo in Dublin talking with a friend about this desire to consume and how objects like the iPod make you believe you want them but in actual reality ultimately disappoint. He said when he got one he was disappointed how heavy it was: as if the imagery provided on their site made you believe that vestal virgins in heaven itself made them. Anyways…..

This desire to consume is an unending one. It always wants more, never sated and rarely unstated. Walk into any Centra or Spar shop and the effect is the same: your desires are met by a bank full of chocolate and other goodies, making you feel good about yourself and thereby spending more money. Are we not satisfied with the now? Cycling home from the conference I began to notice the leaves that fallen from the trees, the smell of the fumes and road surface more intensely than I had done in the morning. Might have been the tiredness but being in those moments was more important then than having people, objects, matter, things. The male public gaze is based on the same principle.

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  1. EM: ok, here goes. Man walks down the street, woman is coming the opposite direction. The ability that man can look up and down the body of woman in public, perhaps with woman’s knowledge, assessing her ahem physical features. Not all men do this but it is typified by the ‘passing the building site’ occurrences. Most men so it, I am full sure and sometimes not all together voluntarily. Worth a posting?

  2. Oh god yes absolutely. I just mentioned it within a ‘guffing on about nothing’ sort of post as is my forte. You need to get to the bottom of it in 73-investigative-journalism stylie.

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