I’m inspired by Conortje’s posting this morning so I’ve mined my own logs and here’s a similar selection from the terms used by people and they landed on my blog:

“going soft during sex”
Emotionally yes, and at least for men, probably no.

“ronan o’gara wife”
If you are viewing my blog Mrs O’Gara: call me. We should hook up.

“bebo clonmel”
Do they have the internet in Tipp?

“can we stop immigrants to ireland”
I didn’t know ireland was a verb as well as a proper noun?

“facebook is for nobs”
Yes, yes it is.

“gratuitous erection”
I didn’t think the Millennium Spire was that bad

“picture of the stunt vagina from knocked up”
Jeebas, I thought once was enough!

and then there was the truly desparate:
“what does stuff mean”

I hope they found the number for the Samaritans.

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3 thoughts on “keywords

  1. ‘What does stuff mean’ I love it – I’m dying to know what kind of answer they were looking for

  2. I wonder how much of this is spambot and how much is actually generated by web searches? I don’t spend much time on that though!

  3. Thats fun 73! I’m going to trawl through my google arrivals.I’ll let you know what I find.

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