Have yourself a sexy little Christmas?!?!

When did Christmas become sexy? I found the picture on the front page of ireland.com this morning. I know it provides the company with additional spot advertising but why is a blond woman wearing a ‘Christmas bra’ and picking something from her teeth going to get me to Click Here?

The Ultimate Christmas Singles Party might include free oral sex for everyone and the use of intravenous Tequila but more than likely involves inappropriate, sequestered heavy petting, flaccid turkey served in seasonal ‘jus’ and your boss screaming in your ear how that bollix in Finance ‘done him over’, djahearme? done. me. over.

In other news, Revenue are refusing to relocate their operations to Kildare under the Government’s misnamed decentralisation programme because it would mean moving their computers too far. According to the newspapers this morning “Revenue chairman Frank Daly opposed the decision, and strongly voiced his objections to Minister for Finance Brian Cowen.” Strongly voiced you say? That’s that then. We will never hear of the Government’s decentralisation programme again. Besides staff opposition:

decentralisation was also opposed by…management who want to ensure that the central computer and its back-up systems are kept within 28km of each other.

Funny that because some of the world’s largest companies have operations in Dublin and elsewhere in this country and they don’t seem to have a problem. Is there something different about Revenue data that doesn’t travel so well over a distance of 28.1km? Silicon Republic’s blog begs to differ this morning. (Don’t really care about wifi, lans et al but go with me here.) What exactly were the conditions under which these objections could be released to the media? Is the Minister making everyone know that he has done his best but hell, the decentralisation programme is just floundering? For technical reasons of course.

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6 thoughts on “Have yourself a sexy little Christmas?!?!

  1. Guess it makes a change from Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo (although my kids’ll be more interested in the poo joke than the girly in the Xmas bra, being 9 and 12). As for the other thing, I can’t comment as I have no clue what you’re on about yet again. Smarty pants.

  2. ..but no, actually, I’m with ol’ Franky Daly. Bloody long way for his staff to have to carry their computers, all the way to Kildare. Can’t they lay on buses or something? lol.

  3. Paul: what? all I can hear is some vague mumbling. Pull the cord tight!

    EM: the ‘leak’ the newspapers about this objection sounds to me like they are preparing an already skeptical public for a scaling back of this ill-conceived programme.

  4. EM: decentralisation was going to fail because it wasn’t decentralisation; it was relocation. Decentralisation could mean that the Department of Transport would hive, say half of its workforce to each of the 30-odd Councils across the 26 counties. Instead we got a departing political wet dream from McCreevy who had the idea ion the back of an envelope in the back bar of Doheney and Nesbitt’s. Just a thought, ahem.

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