Spheres of monkeys

Via Mulley: is the Monkeysphere a worthy move toward inner harmony and letting go or a convenient way not to have to think about human rights abuses in a regime supported by China?

Holy cow, the original Cracked article makes a lot more sense.

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3 thoughts on “Spheres of monkeys

  1. Isn’t this pretty much the basis of christianity – do onto others…, let he who is without sin…., judge not lest ye be judged and so on.

  2. Yes but with monkeys!! Don’t you get it?

    Perhaps it was more to do with my inability to think up anything more original of a Monday to post. Do I have that contagion that Swearing Lady got?

  3. hehehe that’s not what I meant – I did find it very interesting – it just all started to sound like stuff we learned in school and then I realised why 🙂

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