I don’t mind

I take a little sneaky shortcut through a back road of the town I work in. In order to get to the office I move off the town’s main road and through a few other junctions, guiltily and silently apologising to the local residents for running like a rat through their estates. This brings me to the front gate of the office quicker than it would were I to drive through the town. This morning though it was different because I was stuck for ten minutes about 200m from the front of the office in an unusual jam. I don’t mind though. Why not?

1. the sky was blue
2. I spotted a pretty weather vane I had not seen before
3. I was right there and then with E.S.T. – all 9.37 of it


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5 thoughts on “I don’t mind

  1. Fantastic. You have no idea how long that took to download on my rubbish dialup connection, but it was well worth it.

  2. I can only claim credit for linking to it but I appreciate your patience. Check out their Viaticum and Strange Place for Snow albums.

  3. AND they’re playing at the Cork Jazz Festival this year – absolutely amazing live, what a band.

  4. That’s good to know Colin. Saw them last in Vicar st and they were fantastic. Thanks for comment.

  5. No worries. Was that the gig where the power was out and they ended up putting a load of nightlights on the tables? Was there myself 73, absolutely sublime

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