Waters’s’s justification

John Waters was reviewing the newspapers for Newstalk this morning. I grew up listening to the Roscommon man talking about the decline of rural Ireland and how U2 were the best thing since well…the last internationally-successful Irish band. (That was probably Ray “there’s women, there’s girls and there’s ladies” Lynham.) Recently I have actually found myself nodding in agreement with the man on his long journey finding contentment in his post-pre-pro-Catholic faith. And then he goes all Daily Mail on me and I think, “what have I become?” There’s an attraction to his deconstruction of that great 1980s euphemism, ‘liberal agenda’ and its double standards.

This morning he stated that Bertie Ahern is not suited to this type of forensic examination of the PM’s financial affairs. This is life in general, insists John and then proceeds to tell us how a few years ago he had to sell a house and a friend approached him with an offer of whatever-he-wanted-himself. That’s life says John and I couldn’t tell you what I had in my bank account in the 1990s. I wonder did he vote in the RTE.ie poll then? I cannot envisage a situation where large sums of money in my account (do I have one though?) would enter and exit, sometimes at my own initiation, sometimes at that of my ‘life partner’ (sounds like a clause from an insurance policy). Nor can I envisage a situation where I deem it acceptable to handle large amounts of Irish and British pounds when I was a minister of government.

Funnies: Nat and friends are at it ROG-style over on Curry Chips. Rock on you crazy diamonds!


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