Make it stop!!!

The poll madness goes on over on – need I remind you that they get over 23 million page impressions on a monthly basis? Oh yea, and they pay some of the licence fee that we shelled out for last year to compile this utter dross:

Below: a craven attempt to get more publicity from Shane Hegarty.

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2 thoughts on “Make it stop!!!

  1. Eh, of all the most pointless and inane things to get worked up about in the world web polls have to top the list. Someone once thought they were a good way of making websites “interactive” so they have become common. But they are about as meaningful as reading tea leaves.

    So don’t stress about it! 🙂

    Actually for entertainment you can speculate whether the poor saddo that has to dream them up in RTE has totaly lost his/her marbles yet. Some of the topics they put up indicate a very tenuous grip on sanity,

  2. Thanks for the comment Sliabh. Nah won’t stress about it. It gets me though in the same way as the poll in the business section of the Irish Times does. It’s my profession you see to devise data for research.

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