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I attended a fundraising pub quiz during the week and we came second – although there was no prize for second. However, there was a raffle prize for a week in Provence for two people but that kernel of bitterness is a whole other posting. This quiz was raising money for an NGO formerly called Cherish but now called One Family – an advocacy organisation for single parents. As per pretty much usual, there were four members in a team but a friend of one of the members (ooooh, I don’t know: let’s call her Gertrude) came along too which provides the reason for today’s posting.

Now our team consisted of me and Ms73 and two others. About 20 minutes into the quiz (picture round done and dusted) Gertrude comes in and proceeds to introduce herself to Ms73. This, despite the fact that Gertrude has met Ms73 several times and has even been at parties we’ve thrown at our home. I’m not sure if Gertrude did this because she felt unwell, was trying to make a point of being awkward or just plain slow. Ms 73 replied as quick as you like “yes, we’ve met several times already.” The condescending smile was very quickly wiped off Gertrude’s face and another word was not spoken between them all night. There was no tension between them you understand, just a bizarre case of Gertrude insisting on introducing herself to Ms73 one more time as if for the first time…for good measure.

The quiz was good fun and yes we came second overall (did I mention that?) and one of us won a Fair City goodie bag in the obligatory raffle. Somewhere, there’s a factory that produces RTE Fair City fridge magnets. Who would have thought?

It was also one of those pub quizzes where a question about last year’s losers of the All-Ireland football final was proceeded by the word ‘GAA’. It seems my frames of reference are changing. It was hosted by Ross Golden-Bannon, who I thought was one of those made up gossip columns written by a computer and not a real person.

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5 thoughts on “Trendy pub quizzes

  1. The utter rudeness of that woman.I detest people who display such a severe lack of basic manners.If I accidentally (it would never happen as I always make a point of meeting and thanking a hostess) forgot meeting someone IN HER OWN HOME…I’d spend the evening dying of shame.

    Fair city magnets you say?…I wonder if its the same factory that makes the Liveline ones..I have two.

  2. Another thought just struck me though: when she sees me, does she not know that Ms73 is the same woman she met out with me the last time too? Ms73man is not prone to changing her appearance radically every few weeks.

  3. Hate to say it because I’m a womans woman but she’s just a nasty piece of work and that wasn’t an accident.She was trying to make Mrs 73 feel she wasn’t worth remembering.
    Wide berth next time you see her..either that or pretend you don’t know her.

  4. Hear hear. I’m a woman’s woman too. There’s such a thing as sisterhood and this lady obviously hasn’t realised she’s part of the clan. Off with her head.

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