Patents in Ireland – a question

Does anyone have any experience at all of the application process for an Irish Patent? Over a drink last night, I described a concept for mobile telephony that might be worth developing.

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7 thoughts on “Patents in Ireland – a question

  1. When we lived in Kilkenny, we lived next door to the guy who set up the patents office, based there.Will think of his name in a minute.Anyway, the thing to definitely do as a stop gap is write down the details, have someone (not a relative) sign as a witness and post it by reg post to yourself.keep it, don’t open it..thats a patent right there.

  2. the fact that you “described it” (to other people) may take away from the patentability of it. It may now be considered to be in the public domain.
    Not an expert on this though, so i may be wrong.

  3. In the way that LittleSapling describes the process above, someone signing it would also see the idea and so would be in the public domain?? Either way, I’m going to go with the advice from the west initially.

  4. The guy from the patents office told me it was a valid patent..better still to contact them and talk the procedure for doing it by the book through.
    But do the posting thing as soon as possible, just to cover yourself and assert your right as owner.

  5. 1. DO NOT TELL ANYONE THE IDEA UNLESS UNDER THE STRICTEST CONFIDENCE. I will assume those listening over drinks know it was in confidence and won’t tell anyone.

    2. Posting the idea to yourself does NOT give you any protection under Irish law. Ireland is a “first to patent” system, not “first to invent”. It’s a little different in the US.

    3. Talk to a patent agent. They will deal with you confidentially and go through all I am about to say in full detail.

    4. You do not want to file the patent immediately. You must start paying large fees one you file, so the ideal is to deal with everyone under non-disclosure agreements and file the patent the day before it hits the market. In reality it won’e be that late, but you want to FILE FIRST, AS LATE AS POSSIBLE.

    5. First step is to check the idea is patentable. Details of what is or isn’t patentable can be found on the patent office website.

    6. Next do a patent search. You can do this yourself initially at

    7. If it is patentable and hasn’t yet been done, you can file a short-term application. This is the cheapest and you can use it to claim priority for a full application within a year. You can also claim international patents from this application.


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